This blog, and the future.

Well, I am just shy of 200 posts. I have posted at least once a day since August 7th of last year. Full disclosure: I have not written every day, some times I have had to catch up after missing days, but I have a post on every single day of the calendar.

These five months have seen a lot of change beyond the pregnancy – namely buying the farm and the company that my wife works for getting bought out. We have been doing marriage counseling for this stretch as well. I do feel like our relationship is better, although I’m not sure how much that is due to the counselor. I can at least say that he hasn’t hurt things.

I started this blog as a therapeutic exercise, one to help me process the shock and frustration of the pregnancy. For me one of the hallmarks of it was anonymity – it was to be a place where I could vent but also dream without fear of causing trouble. I was in a dark place upon beginning, but now I am slowly crawling out of the pit. For me this really means an opportunity to focus on the positives and all of the wonderful things that I hope are down the road. And part of the joy of that lies in sharing those experiences with loved ones.

So I am transitioning to a new blog. It will be one that I share with friends and family. It will be upbeat and positive, focused on the joys ahead. That’s not to say that the view will be through rose colored glasses all the time. I will still be doing my best to keep it real.