Being typical Nashvillians – hunkered down at the threat of snow.

The weather here has gone from almost 70 degrees yesterday to 31 right now, which is the high for the day. Oh, and says it feels like 21. Lovely. They are forecasting 1-3 inches of snow and ice as well. Local schools have already been cancelled and the wife will be working from home. She did go to the grocery store this morning to stock up, but otherwise we probably won’t be leaving the house today. That works out okay since I pretty much wrapped up the demolition phase at the farmhouse yesterday and am now just waiting for the excavator. I also have a ton of “computer work” to do, as well as a lot of planning for the next phases of the project. I would also like to do some reading. I have downloaded several interesting library books about small scale farming and am anxious to get started on them. I also want to read a Wendell Berry book suggested by our marriage counselor. Speaking of him, I just remembered that it’s date night, but I suspect that we will need to reschedule due to the weather. I’m still searching for a tractor as well.

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