Sunday work day and Christmas celebration.

I was really feeling the need to get some work done today, especially considering the improved weather – a blistering 45 degrees. So I headed down to the farm this morning. I started by moving some of the stacks of materials behind the house. They all need to be moved before the excavators come. I also started tearing off some of the back of the house, including most of the bathroom. It sure felt good to be outside working.

After leaving the farm I stopped by Jo-Ann ‘s to get my sister a gift certificate. I showered at the condo and then we headed to my parents to have dinner and exchange Christmas presents. I got my sister the gift card, which she will probably use for fabric, one of those DNA kits for my dad, and four pictures of fireflies from the cottage for my mother. I got a deal on the frames from Michael’s and had the photos printed online. Everybody seemed happy with their gifts. I got a hummingbird feeder, a subscription to a magazine of my choice, and a couple of homemade bags.

It was a nice evening but now I am pretty tired. Hopefully this will be a busy and productive week.

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