Can’t wait to do it with you – sledding.

These posts are sort of little pep talks for myself. I’m trying to focus on the positives and think about the cool things I can/will do with my kid. Some of them will be new activities for me, others will be old favorites. Many will have strong positive memories of time spent doing them with my dad, while a few might have caused us to yell at each other. Either way it’s all part of the journey.

This bout of cold weather, along with my recent trip to snowy Michigan, has got me thinking about my favorite winter activity – sledding! The neighborhood that I grew up in had a fantastic hill and we went out after every snow. Over the years I had a number of sleds – everything from an orange disc, to classic Flexible Flyer, to homemade devices. The latter were always my favorite because my dad and I had so much fun building them.