Last day of the year!

Well we made it back to the condo. It was a very long and tiring drive, extended due to icy roads. We left almost an hour later than planned and took a longer route in order to avoid delays and closures along our regular path. We had a late and nasty lunch at Arby’s, but the trip was otherwise uneventful. Gas is super expensive all through Michigan and Indiana. It is now incredibly cold back here in Nashville, and will be for the rest of the week. Really not looking forward to going back to work!

2017 was a pretty wild year, with lots of changes. If I wasn’t so lazy I would write a long post recapping everything. Maybe I will soon.

The Michigan trip had a few nice moments, but mostly it was just draining. Lots of time spent trapped inside with my in-laws and not much activity. Winter is just a rough time to be up there, and this time around was colder than it has ever been for me. Hopefully I at least took some nice pictures. I snapped a few hundred and have loaded them on to my computer but have not really looked at them yet.

I will go to the farm tomorrow, despite the high temperature of only 22 degrees and the fact that it’s a holiday. I want to cut down a couple of trees, start taking off the back of the house, and burn. I turned off the water and the street and drained the pipes before leaving, so hopefully there won’t be any problems there. After working I will try to go downtown for the full moonrise. That should be beautiful since it is due to happen right around sunset. The forecast calls for clear skies.

The Tide play tomorrow night. I am excited but nervous. I have no idea whether they will win or lose. I will probably buy some nice junk food to enjoy while watching the game. I am a little bummed about missing the Michigan and LSU games, but I really do need to get some work done. Oh well, that is what the ESPN app is for. I can also text my brother-in-law during the UM game.

I really would like to buy a tractor this week. I have the money in the bank now (finally), but there just aren’t any that meet my criteria and fit my budget. I will keep looking though.

I need to come up with some resolutions.

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