In the Great White North.

I didn’t fall asleep until after four o’clock this morning. Mostly I was thinking over a conversation the wife and I had yesterday evening. My mind was racing and I was pretty frustrated. I slept until about seven and then went downstairs for breakfast. I had a couple of bowls of raisin bran, some yogurt, and a cup of hot chocolate. We hit the road a few minutes after eight and had a rather uneventful drive. There got to be a decent amount of snow on the ground as we neared our destination, but the roads were clear. The in-laws were very welcoming and we had a nice lunch. This afternoon my father-in-law, the wife, and I went over to Muskegon and Lake Michigan. He thought the lighthouses would be covered in ice, but they weren’t. It was still a cool little excursion. We have just relaxed and talked this evening. Now I am pretty darn tired.