Trying to remove two kinds of shingles.

Today was a work from home because it’s freezing kind of day. Yes soon I am going to have to suck it up and deal with weather even colder than this, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I continued to look for the materials and tools that I need to complete this project. It looks like a couple of new nail guns are necessary, along with a special shovel-like implement to take shingles off the roof of the part of the farm house that we are removing. I am feeling good because I found a good source for interior doors – the wife really likes the style and the price is right. The store is a place out in Woodbury that I have been to several times but never purchased from. I checked out their Facebook page (as a guest, I don’t FaceTweet) and saw that they are running a special through the end of the year. Thursday is the next day they are open, so I will go then, and hopefully save about eighty dollars a door on sixteen doors. He has windows and exterior doors too, so there is a chance for even more savings. Storing all of those things will be a little bit of an issue. I guess I will get some good tarps to keep them dry. Hopefully nobody will steal them.

Tomorrow there is another exciting opportunity to pick up some materials on the cheap. At an auction! I absolutely love auctions – the energy, the deals, the fast pace of the action – but I will have to work hard to combat “auction fever” and not spend beyond my means. This is a liquidation of a materials supply place near downtown Nashville. I went there a couple of years ago and was not impressed with their organization, although they did have some decent stuff. I am mainly interested in windows, doors, and siding. They previously had the same siding that I want to put on the farm house at a good price, so we’ll see what it goes for.

Now about the other kind of shingles…they are on the wife’s face. She emailed the doctor this morning and was told to come in. They diagnosed her and prescribed Valtrax (yes, the herpes medication), and told her not to wear make-up. Needless to say she is less than enthused. She is honestly having a little bit of a rough go these days. Work is pretty stressful with the acquisition under way. Her job is safe but there is still lots of uncertainty surrounding the company and everybody’s roles. She is very stressed and the doctor feels like that contributed to the shingles.

The tractor search continues and I am starting to feel a bit of pressure. I really need one in order to get several things done before the foundation repair and new foundation folks come. The HVAC unit has to be moved, along with several stacks of lumber in the back yard. The latter could be done by hand, but it would take a long time and be very frustrating. There is a great deal about three hours away in Kentucky, but I am a little reluctant. I wish it was closer. It also is probably a little heavy for my trailer, so I would have to find somebody to deliver it. There are a couple of more local ones that I’m interested in but they aren’t near as good of deals. I will probably have a serious talk with my dad about it tomorrow at the auction. It would be good to have one by the end of the week.

Bad news from a schedule point of view. The appraiser that needs to value the project before our loan is finalized has set a date of December 29th to come see the property. That is when we were going to be in Michigan for the holidays. The wife won’t like this development at all. There are a couple of options though. First, he could maybe come a little later. Second. my dad might be able to meet him out there to discuss everything. I’m not crazy about either option. Pushing him back will delay the loan and I need that money to pay myself back for what I’ve already spent. Not meeting him myself will prevent me from really being able to share the vision for the property and how awesome it will be, which will hopefully help increase the projected value of the completed project. I have a little time to think things over though. I guess the third option is to return on the 29th either alone or with the wife in order to meet him. That still gives us a full week with her family.

Not much else is going on. The wife’s anxiety is a bit of a downer. I think that everybody at her work is focused on the negatives of the acquisition and not the positives. She is trying to stay upbeat but others are wearing her down. I am doing my best to be encouraging. One bright spot is that she will get some money from her stock options. Not new house money, or even new car money, but some money. Of course even this is a disappointment for many though – everybody had been hoping that the company would sell for a billion eventually and they would all be bathing in liquid money. I don’t even know what that is, but I like the way it sounds.