Hunting and gathering.

Today has been one of those slow moving days that feels like nothing is getting accomplished. My main focus has been finding a way to store my tools and other objects from inside the house so that I can go ahead and tear off the back of the house. I called a few salvage yards and one had three truck boxes available although they wouldn’t give prices over the phone. I also emailed on an enclosed trailer down in Alabama that I found on Craigslist, but no reply yet. I am also considering another option – building a goat shed or two. The ones that I have designed aren’t ideal for long term storage (they don’t have floors for one thing, and the ceilings aren’t very high), but they would work for a brief period while I build the workshop. My designs are pretty straightforward and all material can be bought from Home Depot. Also each shed would cost under $1000. I just need to get something figured out by Wednesday.

I went grocery shopping this morning. Today is day one of a new attempt at healthy eating. The big thing is no added sugar of any kind. That means no cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, ZIP! I am already going through withdrawals and it sucks. In some ways this seems a little foolish because we will be going to Michigan for Christmas and there will be so many tasty sweets up there that it will be very difficult to resist. But I want to get started now to purge my system and hopefully be able to completely abstain while there. I am pretty much all or nothing when it comes to this sort of thing. I was hoping to combine my healthy eating with some exercise, but the shoes that I ordered last week haven’t yet arrived, and I don’t have any suitable footwear for the YMCA. Hopefully they will come tomorrow.