More rolling, less coasting.

The day started with some bad news. The Craigslist listing for the stove insert had been deleted. I never heard back from the person. That’s about a $3,000 missed opportunity. Oh well. The wife had a doctor’s appointment at one, and I joined her. I am very impressed with the Franklin Women’s Group. They are so professional and on the ball. We arrived early as usual and they admitted us right on time. The big thing this visit was drawing blood to see if she has gestational diabetes. We saw the doctor very briefly and she said everything looked great. We go back in a month, then the appointments become more frequent. Total time in the office today – about 20 minutes. That is something I approve of!

The wife went back to work and I drove down to Columbia. I stopped at the farm because I had left my two warm coats there, and it is going to get cold this week. It was about two o’clock and I was famished, so I went to the nasty buffet. They seem to rotate their food a bit, and Tuesdays might be the worst day. The meat selection was kind of weak. On the bright side, they still had six types of cobbler.

I went to the state water office and got my septic permit. I had to wait a bit for the guy to get in, but had a nice chat with the receptionist. My next stop was the county office to inquire about building permits. The director who I had previously spoken with wasn’t there, but I talked to the permit assistant and she looked over all of my paperwork. She said things were looking good, I just need to get her a cut-away sketch of the addition. She said I could email that. Once I do, she will begin processing everything. Hopefully that will go quickly. Everybody is really so nice and helpful in Columbia!

Traffic back to the condo wasn’t too bad. The wife will be working a bit late this evening, so I’ll probably catch up on Hawaii Five-0.