A potentially very lucrative Sunday.

So I spend an incredible amount of time on Craigslist. I look at all kinds of things, some useful, others not, some that I have a legitimate interest in buying and others that are just fantasy. My phone has an app that allows me to search multiple cities at once. Right now I am primarily looking for tractors although I also keep an eye on general farm equipment and building materials. This afternoon I was actually searching for woodburning stoves for my workshop when a woodburning fireplace insert popped up. The exact model that we were looking at! The surround is a little different (the wife thinks it’s ugly), and would have to be replaced, but it also has built in vent fans, which I hadn’t added to the quote from the fireplace store. The best part – this one is $700 versus $3500 from the store. It looks to be in great condition. I emailed the owner and haven’t heard back yet. There might be a few challenges – not sure if they have a way to load it onto my trailer. It weighs around 500 pounds. Also not sure how I will unload it and where I would put it, although I could keep it on my trailer and covered with a tarp until I get a tractor to move it with. So very exciting, although I am trying to keep my enthusiasm in check in case it doesn’t work out.

Not much else went down today. I chatted with my dad on the phone for a little bit. He has a contractor buddy that’s going to come look and the farm house tomorrow morning and give us some thoughts. He might be interested in doing the work as well. We’ll see. He has been doing a lot of work up in Nashville and might be charging big city prices.