Some much appreciated good news.

Well last night I got an email from the second foundation guy. His quote was over $12,000 cheaper than the first one. He didn’t give a detailed breakdown, but will send it soon. So I am feeling a bit better about that. It is still $6,000 more than I budgeted, but I might be able to do a little of the work myself in order to get the costs down a little more.

The second encouraging development came from a great conversation I had with a new banker this morning. He is a very nice guy and I think he will be able to help us get our construction loan sorted out. Unsurprisingly he requires a ton of paperwork, and I have spent much of today working on that. I still have a ways to go though. Hopefully I will have it all completed by the end of tomorrow.

Today was pretty low key overall. The in-laws came over to the condo and I showed them the detailed plans for the addition and garage. My father in-law and I talked fruit trees and tractors while the wife and her mother looked at design ideas on the computer. We went to lunch at Barbara’s in Grassland – probably her dad’s favorite place in town. I really like it too. After lunch we just talked some more and then my in-laws went to their hotel for a while. Everybody but me went out to dinner. I worked more on the bank stuff.

The wife is working tomorrow so I will be responsible for looking after her parents. We will go into town to visit with my parents for a little bit. My father in-law saw their duplex when it was in the early stages of renovation, and would like to see it now that it is finished. After that we will probably go out for coffee.

Not much else is going on. It seems like the wife and baby are both healthy and growing. She is pretty tired most of the time but otherwise feels good. It’s really hard to believe that we will leave for Michigan in three weeks from tomorrow. The weather here has been glorious. I’m ready to get back to work tomorrow.