Back to reality.

I woke up early but didn’t go out for sunrise. I could tell that it was going to be on the boring side – clear blue sky and no clouds at all. Makes me even more frustrated about yesterday’s failure. Oh well. After a breakfast of ice cream I cleaned the cottage and packed up my stuff. The wife was moving surprisingly quickly and so we were able to leave before ten. It was a simple drive back here to the condo. The cat was happy to see her. Now we will begin preparing everything for my in-laws, who are rolling into town tonight. They are staying at a motel down the road, but will be having dinner with us tonight. Naturally the wife wants the place to be spotless. I will put away my junk and vacuum as soon as I finish this post. We need to plan the agenda for the next few days. We will visit the farm tomorrow but I’m not sure what else is going on.