Even Blacker Saturday.

I started the day in a foul mood and it looks like I will end it in a similar mindset. This morning I just lay in bed without checking the time. When I did get out of bed I saw that it was after six and there was an amazing sunrise going on. Pictured is the view from the motel parking lot. It was even more vivid a few minutes prior – the whole sky was an intense shade of pink. Well all that had faded by the time I got to the lake. I was pretty frustrated with myself for missing such an incredible opportunity. I returned to the motel after taking a few pictures and the wife and I had breakfast before checking out and going to the cottage.

My sister and parents were packing up and the wife and I went with my sister and her dog over to campus. We stopped to see the goats (of course), then went to the little dog park. No other dogs were there, but McGarrett had a nice time running around on his own for a few minutes. We returned to the cottage and they hit the road. Then I hit the couch for a little nap.

I did some cleaning and organizing around the cottage. There is no TV here, but the wife and I were following the Michigan-Ohio State game on our phones. Michigan losing was the highlight of my day, and I enjoyed taunting her brother about it. Unfortunately his revenge came quickly. I have had a bad feeling about the Iron Bowl for several weeks now and was honestly not expecting the Tide to prevail. I could have listened to the game on the radio but didn’t. The wife and I went for a drive over to campus and checked out the Green’s View overlook, the goats again, and took a walk around Lake Cheston as the sun was fading. We drove to the Templeton Library and saw the last sliver of the sun setting as we got out of the car. It was still serene and lovely despite missing the big event. I am still struggling to adjust to the time change. It doesn’t feel right to have it be completely dark by five.

We chilled at the cottage before going out to dinner at the Blue Chair Tavern in Sewanee. It was nice and relaxing, and we watched some of the Clemson game. The food was great – I had chicken strips and fries. The only downside was a fellow diner with a booming voice. He felt the need to provide play by play and color commentary for to game to his wife and kids. After dinner we looped back through campus. In front of the chapel there is a huge magnolia tree that has been covered with lights, but unfortunately they were not turned on. We are thinking they might have some kind of ceremony, maybe tomorrow at advent, in order to “light” the tree. We will see how it looks when we return in a couple of weeks. We went to Piggly Wiggly and got some ice cream to help ease the pain of Tide and Wolverine defeats. It will be tough for Alabama to make the playoffs this year. Not impossible, but unlikely. We shall see though, it is never boring.