This probably should have been my first post of the day instead of the third, but better late than never. As mentioned previously, this is my favorite holiday of the year. I appreciate the spirit of it and the opportunity for reflection that it provides. This year I have not spent nearly enough time focusing on the many blessings in my life. I will do so now, in an unfortunately abbreviated fashion. Some of these things might seem superficial or silly, but they matter to me. I start with the most obvious items but this list is by no means a ranking. This list is also not a complete, exhaustive accounting of everything I am grateful for. It is just a collection of what pops into my mind as I am lying in bed at a Super 8 motel in Tennessee.

The health of my wife and child. Both seem to be doing quite well. The wife has her ups and downs but is overall doing a great job of adapting to her new reality.

My relationship with my parents is probably the best it has ever been. I see them regularly, we have quality conversations, and enjoy doing life together. I am very excited for them to become grandparents next year.

We are finally leaving the condo, and going to a farm to boot! This is huge. Even though the house is a huge project I am feeling so much better about life now that it is underway.

Having the opportunity to photograph scenes that I find beautiful. Although I’m not photographing as much as I would in an ideal world, I am still doing a bit of it. Lots of chances over this holiday and the farm is in a very pretty area as well.

My health. Yes, I do need to drop a bit of weight but overall I seem to be quite healthy. I almost never get sick and don’t seem to have any major issues.

Reliable transportation that is also fun. Lexie is a good adventure companion.

Optimism for the future. I am very grateful that I am regaining my optimism. I am confident that I will overcome and that life will improve.

Alabama football. Roll Tide! Actually I don’t care about this nearly as much as I used to, but it is still nice to be the number one team in the land. I guess I should also mention Michigan having lost three already with at least one more on the way.

This website. A little cheesy perhaps, but it has been a very enjoyable journey for me thus far.

Okay, I’m getting pretty tired and have kind of hit a wall on this. Obviously I am thankful for much more than this, but feel like my ability to compose coherent thoughts has deserted me for the day.