Moving forward and feeling better about things.

I woke up this morning and was itching to get some good manual labor in, so I left the condo about 6:30 and headed for the farm. I stopped at Burger King for three plain biscuits, which was definitely one too many. It was pretty chilly out but I fired up the chainsaw and got warm enough pretty quickly. I cut down a bunch of junky little trees in the front yard, the side yard, and out back where I want to put my workshop. That improved my mood considerably. I thought about starting a fire but decided against it. All that brush will burn a bit better after it dries some, if only for a couple of weeks. I ran out of gas, or rather the chainsaw did, so I started tearing down the remainder of the green shed. I used Lexie to pull it over the rest of the way and then took off all of the metal piece by piece. Most of it was salvageable.

I decided to start a new burn pile where the long shed used to be. I cleaned up all of the ash and (hopefully) nails from my old spot. This new location is a bit more out of the way but also more convenient to a lot more trees that I need to cut down. I forgot how crappy it is to be doing work by hand that could be done so much faster with a tractor. Oh well, hopefully I will have one by the end of the year.

I went to the closest gas station for food, gas, and oil. They were out of pizza so I got crackers and pecan rolls. I used to like the latter and sort of got them for old times’ sake, but they were kind of nasty. I guess my palette is getting more discerning as I age. I also got a peach Nehi. It was pretty darn nasty and I dumped it out after a couple of sips.

My dad arrived shortly after I returned. He wanted to be there for the appointment with the second foundation guy. Justin showed up within the window that I had been told and was a very nice guy. He was there for over two hours looking everything over and talking through it all with us. I liked him and think his number will be a bit lower than Ed’s. He can also pour the new foundations for the addition and garage, and the workshop as well. He might even be able to do the posts, trusses, and roofing on it too. His crew leader is going to come by tomorrow morning at eleven and I will talk everything through with him. There are some things I can do to help cut costs. Unfortunately I will probably need to take up the flooring in one room to give them better access. I will do my best to preserve the boards in order to reuse them. I am optimistic about tomorrow’s meeting and it will be good to talk through the whole project with Joe. I need to prepare some sketches of the addition and garage for him in order to get a more accurate estimate.

After Justin and my dad left I cleaned up a little then returned here to the condo. The wife is having dinner with a friend so I’m just chilling. I have an episode of Hawaii Five-0 that I might watch. Need to do laundry. Also need to do some emailing. Need to clean up as well.

Tomorrow after the meeting with Joe we will drive to the cottage in Monteagle to spend the holiday with my parents and sister. They will be staying at the cottage but we will be at a motel just up the road since there isn’t enough room for everybody. I am really looking forward to it. The weather should be amazing and I hope to take a lot of photographs. Also excited about the Thanksgiving buffet at the Sewanee Inn.