Shedding sheds.

Got down to the farm a little before seven this morning and started work immediately. First task was to get a fire going- super easy since there was still a big mound of coals from yesterday. I tore the metal off the roof of the shed that I knocked down yesterday and burned most of the wood. I did save the cedar posts though. I tore off some of the metal on yet another shed and tried to pull it down with Lexie but only got it about half way. Next I removed some more of the decking on the front porch. The joists underneath had been shored up with pressure treated wood, but I will still probably replace them. There is more removing to do, but first I want to find a new home for the sofa, chair, and lamp sitting on the porch.

I must admit that I am a bit nervous about the foundation guy coming tomorrow. I am just afraid that it is going to be incredibly expensive and that it will be a long time before they are able to do the work. Fortunately I am getting a second quote next week, but I’m not sure how different it will be. Oh well, no point in speculating when I will know soon enough.

Not much else is going on. Below are a few photos. The first couple I took on the drive down – it was glorious. The third shows the cleared shed spot, the fourth some salvaged posts, and the last the front porch.