Another productive day.

Nothing spectacular about today, just continuing to grind through. I started off with some chainsaw work, this time with the big saw. It really is a beast! I got a fire going and burned more old lumber plus all of the trees I had just cut. Next I started tearing down another shed. I was hoping to salvage a lot of wood off this one, but most of it ended up being pretty nasty. My neighbor Russ stopped by with his wife and we chatted for a few. He said he has a little airplane that he keeps nearby. I never would have guessed that!

I went to lunch at the nasty buffet and afterwards stopped by the LS tractor dealer and looked at some of their machines. Actually just one – a model that I am pretty interested in, mainly because I found one online that is for sale in Missouri at an amazing price. It is a 2017 model with only 20 hours. Apparently the guy that bought it new used it briefly, then decided he needed to trade it in for a bigger one. So I will keep an eye on that one.

Back at the farm I continued to tear down the shed. Once all the sides were off I used Lexie to pull the remaining structure over. I had begun to remove the metal roof when my closest neighbor came over to introduce himself. He said his name was James, but his work shirt said “Snake”. I’ll have to ask him about that next time I see him. He was a very nice guy and I look forward to getting to know him better. He said he has a wife, a sixteen year old daughter, a thirteen year old daughter, and a ten year old son. We talked for a pretty good while and I gave him a tour of the house. After he left I got back to work and did all I could until it was pretty much completely dark. Then I sat in my camp chair by the fire and watched it until I felt like it had died down enough for me to leave.

Tomorrow I’ll finish tearing down that shed and then knock out another one. I hope to get an early start and not stay as late. I have some office work I need to do back here at the condo. Still pretty anxious about what the foundation guy is going to say on Wednesday.