It seems like I’ve pretty much hit the first bottleneck. Or a couple of them, depending on your perspective. Work on the house is pretty much at a standstill until the foundation people come out – one next week and another the following week. I have really done all I can do inside and out until they give an assessment. The second is waiting on everything to get started on the garage apartment. The first thing I need is the paperwork for the soil scientist so that I can get my septic permit, then my building permit. I am not very impressed with how long this guy is taking.

I put in a few hours at the farm today. It was chilly out but nice and sunny. I got a fire going pretty much as soon as I arrived, and was able to burn a lot of house wood, and also a bunch of little trees that I cut down. It was pretty windy but that wasn’t really a problem. I still have a bit to burn on Monday, and will actually generate a lot more wood scraps when I tear down another couple of sheds next week. At this point outside work is basically the only thing I have to do. It all needs to get done eventually, but I would rather be working on the house. It is especially frustrating to think about how much more efficiently I could be working if I had a tractor. Oh well. This shed I’m tearing down on Monday should provide a lot of nice barn wood and some cool sheets of roofing tin. The metal has a lovely patina of light rust. Not sure what we’ll do with it, but I really like it.

It was nice to run my little chainsaw again. I cut down a number of crappy trees, but still have a lot more left, particularly in the area where I want to build my workshop. There are also some trees and stumps that will require the big chainsaw, but I want to wait until I have a tractor to attack those.

Speaking of tractors, I have unfortunately revised my budget downwards. This is partially due to my nervousness over the overall cost of the project, and also due to me just hating to spend money. I think that if I really search I can find a nice machine for under twelve thousand. It won’t be easy, but I am determined. I will probably budget another three thousand for implements.