Slow progress.

I am not a patient person. Sometimes this trait serves me well, other times it causes me considerable frustration and disappointment. I also like to be (or at least fell like I am) in control. This farm project is challenging me on both counts. The bank loan is looking a little wonky. I have been reading over the documents they sent and it looks like we are not in alignment on how the loan will be structured. I need to meet with the banker to clarify and get us on the same page. I am also not liking the extent that I will be relying on other people to see this project to completion. Electrician, plumber, foundation guy, framers, roofers, HVAC dude. Lots of other folks involved. Oh well, I can’t do those things myself. I still feel anxious though. At the building permit office they gave me a list of trades people, but now I can’t find it. Tomorrow morning I need to get serious about calling people and getting them scheduled to come give estimates.

This morning I drove down to Culleoka to check out a place building trusses and selling all of the other materials I need to build my workshop. The address listed on their website did not contain their business, it was a house out in the sticks. When I did a Google search it said that the business was permanently closed.

On my way up to Big Box Liquidation in Columbia I stopped at the Mahindra dealership. It is a pretty small one with minimal selection. I briefly talked to a salesman about one of the tractors, but I really don’t like the thought of buying new. It is just more than I am comfortable spending. At Big Box I spoke with Adam about cabinets. I gave him my list and he said he would get an estimate together by Friday. He is very helpful and gave me a few pointers about accessories.

After lunch at the Farmer’s Buffet (ugh!) I went to the farmhouse. Actually I first went to my neighbor’s across the street where they are building a garage. I spoke with the contractor, who was a bit of a jerk initially, but then loosened up a little. It turns out that he is the neighbor behind me. That’s not ideal, but oh well. He said he will drop by to talk about doing work on our garage and workshop.

I finally got to work around one. I ripped off a lot more of the vinyl siding, only stopping because I disturbed a wasp nest on one section and the rest was too high to reach with my short ladder. I pulled up more of the flooring in the area that is getting torn down. I also did some more organizing of the materials we will reuse. My dad is coming Thursday and I think that together we will clean up and stack all of the rest of the used lumber.

I have blocked off tomorrow morning to call subcontractors. I lost the sheet that the building permit folks gave me, but tonight I made a list from Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Really need to get cranking on that, as there could be some pretty serious bottlenecks.

Tomorrow around noon we have the big 20 week doctor appointment. After that I will go up to the cottage to get the last of my wood from the old shed. I will try to photograph sunset tomorrow evening. Hopefully their will still be some nice color, but I’m afraid that last night’s storms might have knocked most of the leaves off. I’ll have to get up at the crack on Thursday to meet my dad at the farm, so probably no sunrise unless I stop somewhere on the way.

Just had a brief talk this evening about things with the wife. I showed her a picture of the cabinets that were in the farmhouse kitchen and I think that she might be up for using them in the garage apartment. That should save us some cash. We’ll know how much exactly once Adam gets me the quote. I also asked him to quote me a price on bathroom vanities.