Back to reality – in more ways than one.

I’m now back at the condo. I slept in until about 7:15 this morning because I didn’t go to sleep until pretty late. I was planning on crappy weather so I didn’t schedule a morning photography session. I ate breakfast and filled up Lexie, then hooked up my trailer and hit the road. I again went the back roads since I had the trailer loaded down with materials and it was raining. I took it pretty slow and did fine. At the farmhouse I just dropped off the trailer and got going. I went buy Home Depot and bought some halogen work lights. They will help extend my work day now that sunset is before five o’clock.

I went back to the condo and took a nice shower and worked some more on the electrical plans for the addition and garage. I then went to meet my dad to discuss them and take him a battery and charger for his drill. We looked my cabinet, electrical, and plumbing plans over and he said it’s going to be expensive! We talked about some cost cutting measures and I will see what all the wife will accept. Just now I realized that I forgot to give him the battery! Dang. Oh well, maybe on Wednesday.

Now back at the condo doing more scheming. The wife came home early but is currently working a little more. We have a bit to talk about this evening. I am getting hungry so will cook up something now.