Hopefully today goes as planned.

Well it is thunder storming outside now and looks pretty nasty. This morning I will finalize the cabinet plan and try to get a preliminary electrical plan mapped out. I also need to do a little reading and finish my Sketchup model of the addition and garage. I want the wife to be able to visualize the whole project. I also need to work on my workshop design. So fortunately I have a number of things to do that don’t involve getting rained on.

After lunch I will drive up to Monteagle for the weekend. I am really hoping that the leaves will be at their peak. Tomorrow evening is also the full moon, but I’m afraid it is going to be cloudy. Still, it will be very nice to get out into nature and take some photographs. I have really missed doing so. The wife should be joining me tomorrow. She will probably leave Sunday afternoon, but I will stay until Monday morning, and drive straight to the farm then. I think my dad will be working with me that day.