Tool laundering.

The day started off with a visit to the bank. I wanted to drop off my loan materials and had a couple of questions on the application. The banker said that my plans and budget looked good. Unfortunately I didn’t seem to bring the application! I looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. On the bright side he was able to print out a new copy and help me fill out the parts I didn’t understand. Now I will get my wife to fill out and sign this evening, before emailing it to him.

After the bank I went to Home Depot. I bought kneepads for crawling under the house and tin snips to help remove the siding. I also bought two huge rolling toolboxes. They were on sale for $50 each. I already have one and really like it. And that is what the title of this posts refers to. I am planning for the future by sneaking some tool purchases into the renovation process. Basically it is an excuse to buy a ton of new tools and supplies. Please don’t tell the wife.

Next I went to a fireplace store. I wanted to check out wood burning inserts for our sweet fireplace. They had a model that would seem to work nicely. In a way it feels like a hybrid between a fireplace and a stove because it has a glass front door. I’m not sure if the wife will be crazy about that, but it will be super efficient.  And it had better be because it was $3200 plus tax!!! Not including installation, which they don’t even offer for me since the farmhouse is too far away. There is another dealer of the same product line nearby and I will check with them soon about price and installation.

My last stop was the grocery store where I loaded up on gallon jugs of water and cans of fizzy water. Also got the wife some bananas and coconut milk. The store was very busy, I guess because of Halloween. I forgot to buy candy and might go back out.

Back at the condo I called a foundation repair company and lined up an inspection for two weeks from tomorrow. It will be nice to get their thoughts and see what we are dealing with. Hopefully the price won’t be devastating. This gives me plenty of time to strip away everything else that is still blocking access to the crawlspace. Now I just need to start getting quotes from other tradespeople.

I have a number of things to talk about with the wife tonight, including the stove. I also want to work some more in Sketchup on the garage and addition. That will be fun.

I am planning on another twelve hour day tomorrow. The weather should be amazing and I hope to be highly productive. Unfortunately my dad is busy for the rest of the week and won’t be helping me any more.

Below are pictures of the tool box and fireplace. I don’t normally like to lift images off the internet, but I figure it is okay this time since they are manufacturers’ product shots.