Another long but very good day.

I am pretty wiped out. I slept in a little this morning and didn’t hit the road until 6:20, but traffic wasn’t too bad yet. The cool thing was that we had our first frost of the season. Now it really feels like fall! I love getting an early start to the day. It is so calm and peaceful when I pull up to the farm before sunrise.

My dad arrived not too long after I did and we started tearing up the floor in the back of the house. Naturally the wife wanted to save it, and we did our best. Most of it was in pretty good shape and came up fairly easily. Even the floor joists were okay, which is shocking considering how close to the ground they were. Unfortunately I discovered quite a bit more termite damage on the joist band of the original structure. It really is imperative that I get a foundation expert out soon. I burned the flooring that wan’t salvageable. The burn pile has saved me a lot of money – I have probably burned another dumpster’s worth of wood!

My dad wanted a late breakfast/early lunch, so we went to McDonald’s (don’t judge!). I got a burger, fries, and Oreo McFlurry. Not bragging, just stating the facts.

Lexie’s battery had been slowly been slowly losing life for a while, and I got tired of constantly jump starting with my battery box. So after eating we went to O’Reilly for a new battery. My dad was saying it would be $250, but it was less than half of that. They installed it, which was very nice. I have always had good experiences at O’Reilly. This was my first time at the Columbia location and I am happy it is pretty close to the farm.

A messy job site drives my dad crazy and ours was a wreck, so when we got back he started really organizing. He pulled nails out of all the boards and cut off their crappy ends before stacking them very neatly. It looks great and I really appreciate his help. We also started ripping the vinyl siding off the house. I need to get a bigger ladder and some tin snips in order to complete that, but we got off to a good start. The should be enough room left in the dumpster for all of the vinyl. It was mostly shiplap underneath, but there was OSB in one spot.