The wife and I went out to the farm today. She hadn’t been in a couple of weeks – basically since before the demolition began. So things look a bit different. We started off walking around outside and I got permission to cut down some scrubby little trees and knock down another shed. That shed has a lot of cool barn wood that I will try to save. Hopefully we can repurpose it into something cool. I might even use my hand held electric planer to see how it looks under the weathered outside. I think it is mostly oak.

Next we went inside. Let me start by saying that my wife is not somebody who shows a lot of excitement about anything. So she was pretty low key as we walked around. I think she liked the exposed beaded board walls and ceilings. She did perk up a bit at the exposed stone fireplace in the master bedroom. As expected, she really wanted to vault the ceilings in there, but I just don’t think it is possible. I do have an idea though, and will run it by my dad tomorrow.

We had lunch in downtown Columbia at a little buffet that we had eaten at a couple of years ago. It was not as good and a bit more expensive than I remembered. We went back by the farm in order to give my in-laws a tour via FaceTime. They were excited to see the progress and are looking forward to visiting soon. My father in law will be able to offer some great advice on the orchard and garden areas.

I’m pretty tired so that will do it for today’s update. Not much else to report. I am expecting a productive week ahead. Need to get my bank loan documents in tomorrow and start calling potential subcontractors. My dad will be working with me tomorrow.