Our most productive day yet.

Well my dad and I really got after it today. I arrived at the farm a few minutes before seven, and he came about an hour later. I focused on demolition and he cleaned up after me. We were able to consolidate most tools and other junk in the front bedroom. I also put a few things out in the storage shed. Hopefully the really dirty, dusty work is coming to an end. I pulled down sheetrock and paneling and knocked down some 2×4 studs. The dumpster is close to full – I actually had to shut the door to keep things from spilling out. It will be hard to load the rest of it, but that is life. If only I had a tractor!

The weather was glorious today and I really enjoyed working with my dad. We talked a bit about the project and life. We reworked the plan for the kitchen slightly, adding a pantry, and really changed up the layout of the “kids’ suite”, moving the bathroom to a completely different location. All of these changes will make construction easier and cheaper. I have really enjoyed designing the layouts of these spaces.

I am getting more and more excited about how awesome this house can potentially be. I think it will be the perfect blend of old and new. It was never a fancy, or even that nice of a house, but it has a very classic look. We will do our best to honor its heritage while putting our own twist upon the space.

We went to Big Box Liquidation in Columbia to see what new stuff they had. We always buy flooring from them and love their prices and service. Zach had some old doors in the back, but wasn’t for sure if he was going to sell them. I’ll check back later. We saw that they had some really nice looking cabinets. Shaker style, white, and very solid. Zach said they wouldn’t be beat on price, so I will make my list and get a quote. We went to Lowe’s and got some heavy duty garbage bags and attachments for the shop vac. My dad loves spending my money! We had lunch at Farmer’s Family Restaurant, the same place I ate a couple of days ago. The selection wasn’t as good today, but I still stuffed myself.

We worked all afternoon and I stayed until dark. It felt great to sit out in the backyard as the sky turned pink and the light faded. I was treated to a beautiful half moon before I left. I wish every day was this good. Hopefully I will have many years of relaxing evenings on the farm.

The wife and I just finished up a very long, but productive, conversation about the house. We talked about some layout issues, materials choices, and made a big decision. That is to dramatically shrink the size of our garage. We will go from three cars with a second story living area to one car with a ground floor living area. We are doing this for two reasons. The first is to shrink the size of the building. The previous plan would have overwhelmed the house and looked completely out of place. The second is that the main users of the guest space will be our parents, and they are not young, and will really benefit from not having to climb stairs. And of course saving a bunch of money will be nice too. My wife will have a nice parking spot in the garage. I am fine without one. We are also shrinking the size of the guest quarters by about a third, mostly taking from the living room and kitchen. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a plan that I like, so I have drawn one myself. I will also model it in SketchUp so that the wife can get an idea of what it will look like.