Trailer Trash!

Well, great news! The obscene amount of time that I’ve spent looking for a trailer on Craigslist has finally paid off. And I got a trip to Sparta. Last night I saw a trailer exactly like I’ve been searching for on the Cookeville Craigslist site. I called the guy and it sounded good, so I told him I needed to get the money from the bank this morning and then I would drive over to Sparta. I was all ready to do battle on price when he mentioned that he runs a thrift store whose profits go towards feeding the elderly and he was selling it for his organization. Well, I wasn’t going to try to beat him down after that! Oh well, I’ll have to save money elsewhere.

After going to the bank I high tailed it to downtown Sparta. They had a new little coffee shop on the square that I wanted to check out. It was a pretty cool place but a bit on the pricey side. The service was great though and I liked the space. Next I went to pick up the trailer. The owner, Gerald, was very nice. It was exactly as described and even came with two spare tires, although one doesn’t hold air. We chatted for a few minutes then I hit the road.

I took the highways back through Smithville and Lascassas before getting on 840. The drive was pretty as always. Back at the farm I just unhooked the trailer and came back here to the condo. I have lots of work to do on my loan documents.