The bank and the government – necessary evils.

Today went about as well as expected, considering I was doing the type of tasks that typically frustrate me. After marriage counseling this morning I drove down to Columbia and went to talk to the building permit folks. The man I met with was incredibly friendly and helpful, and told me everything I needed to get together in order to apply for my permit. It should be pretty straightforward as the addition and garage will go under the same permit. Next I went to check on getting a septic permit, but the guy who handles those is only in the office from nine to ten each morning and spends the rest of the day in the field. So I will return at a later date. Next I had an early lunch at Farmer’s Buffet Restaurant. Needless to say I stuffed myself. I am still feeling it several hours later. After that I went by the farm and dropped off my new wheelbarrow and hoe. The house looked really cool and spacious with all of the ceilings raised a couple of feet. I am really getting excited about this project. My last stop was at the bank in Cool Springs. I was visiting a guy I had dealt with before for business, and it was good to see him again. I gave him an overview of the situation and what we were wanting to accomplish, and he was very supportive. He told me what we need to do, and I think everything will work out okay. Tonight I will go over everything with the wife.

Below is a picture on one of the back roads near the farm. Shot through the windshield because I was too lazy to stop the car and get out.