Battling the Dad Bod – Monday update 10/23/17

Well as you might have surmised from my lack of posting on the matter, I am neither eating healthy food nor exercising these days. In my defense, my work on the farm house is pretty active, but it’s not the same as focused strength and cardio training. I’m sure that I have pretty much lost all of the fitness I gained from Insanity. Part of my problem is that I haven’t yet established any routines with construction on the farm house. Another problem is lack of cooking facilities there. The exercise obviously needs to start happening again too. The simplest thing would be doing Insanity or another program in the back yard of the farm house. The weather has cooled dramatically this week, so I might have to work for a few hours while it warms up, then do the video, then get back to work. I’ll see, I just need to do something. I had been wanted to ride my bike around the beautiful countryside, but my bike is still at my sister’s and as I mentioned, it is starting to get cold. I am pretty much a wimp about that sort of thing.

Hopefully next Monday I will have something positive to report.