A different day than expected.

I had planned on getting out the the farm early and tearing up crap for about ten hours. But I woke up feeling the need to concentrate on doing some planning and preparing for tomorrow’s meetings. So I first went to Office Max and bought some graph paper, then to a thrift store to find a desk, but no luck there. The one I went to often has old college dorm furniture including one model of compact desk that I really like, but they didn’t this time. Oh well. There is a table at the farm house that I think I will bring to the condo and use until we move. I spent most of the rest of the day sketching out floor plans and working on my documents for the bank and county building department. When the wife came home we talked for a while after dinner about the addition and garage. We have found a couple of garage plans that might work pretty well. We also discussed more of the layouts of the bathrooms and what she wants in each one. It looks like three will have tubs and the master will have a romantic shower for two. She did throw me a bit of a curve ball though – she wants a 10 foot by ten foot “creative space” inside the house for a personal use. Making it even more complicated is the fact that she also wants a window, so it needs to have at least one exterior wall. This will be a real challenge, but I thrive under pressure!