Workin’ Wednesday 10-18-17

I had a pretty good day out at the farm. The water and power were turned on and the dumpster was delivered. I started the day off with a fire. I plan on burning as much as possible just to save space in the dumpster. There was a big pile of wood from the shed demolition and with the help of a little diesel fuel it quickly went up in flames. The wind picked up considerably but fortunately I was burning in an area with nothing else around to catch fire. I continued with the demolition until I basically had nowhere else to work because there was so much debris everywhere. The dumpster came at 4:30 which was a little later than expected, so I only had a couple of hours of daylight left. I was still able to get a lot of stuff in it though.

During my down time while waiting on the dumpster I had an idea. The wife really wants a garage but for me it was fairly low priority after getting the house remodeled, workshop built, tiny guest house built, and preparing everything for the garden and goats. My idea is to build the detached garage and put the guest quarters above it. There are several advantages to doing this. It will save money, it will save time, it won’t mess up the back field, it will be more convenient for our guests, but still private, and it will be a great “flex space” when we don’t have company. I think I will try to find somebody to do the foundation, framing, and roofing, as well as possibly the sheathing. Cons include integrating what could be a fairly sizable structure into the existing house and landscape. I do think it is a great idea though. Fortunately my wife likes it as well.

Tomorrow should be a very productive day of tearing things out and loading them into the dumpster. My dad will be joining me for much of the day, which will be nice.