Healthy Livin’ – La Kroger

I have always enjoyed drinking water. It is my go-to drink at restaurants (okay, that might be somewhat $ related), my accompaniment with every meal at home, and my favorite refresher on a hot day. You also can’t beat the fact that it has zero calories and added junk. I try to drink about a gallon a day – I fill up a gallon jug every morning and usually work my way through it. I have always preferred still water, although I have recently started supplementing tap water with fizzy canned water. Not that fancy La Croix stuff though! No, I roll with the Kroger brand. I’m not into the idea of paying for water, but this is a nice little treat. It feels a little more filling than regular water and I like the flavors. I drink most of them, including coconut, raspberry, and various citrus options.

Studies have proven that fizzy (carbonated) water is every bit as healthy as its still counterpart. However, you must be sure to get a variety that only has natural flavors added. Read the ingredients! Some have all manner of nasty chemicals added. For the water-phobic among us these are a great way to stay hydrated in a healthy manner.