Thursday Thinkin’ – Date night and other stuff.

I haven’t been feeling too verbose this week. Maybe that’s because it feels like nothing is new. Some of the major emotions that I first felt upon learning about the baby are wearing off and now it’s just a matter of waiting, and patience has never been a strength of mine. We are three weeks from the next doctor appointment. I asked the wife about names last night and she said the only ones she can think of are boring. I’m not sure what makes a name boring and why that is a bad thing, but oh well. I have decided that I would like his middle name to be Lee (my grandfather’s name) instead of the previously stated Macmillan (my middle name).

On the recommendation of our marriage counselor, the wife and I went on a date last night. I was charged with organizing it. I wanted to try somewhere new, so I got on Yelp to see what was around. I found a neat looking local place (Subculture Urban Cuisine) just a few minutes away and decided on it. It seemed like the kind of spot that she would enjoy – small and local with an emphasis on fresh dishes with quality ingredients. We drove there and I was a little bummed when the wife said that she had actually been before, the last time that her mother was in town. But on the plus side she liked it a lot. The had a simple menu and I got a burger and fries. The bun (which I think can make or break a burger) was made in house and was fantastic. It was a very good burger overall, with cheddar and bacon on it. The fries were okay, but not great. The staff was very friendly and the space was comfortable, but not the kind of place that you really want to linger. That is a little bit unfortunate, since I do like to stretch out my meals when dining out. It was still a bit warm yesterday evening so we didn’t eat outside, which would probably have been a bit more relaxing. Plus the wife was worried about somebody coming and smoking while we were there.

After dinner we proceeded to phase two of the date…Babies “R” Us! Yes, I know how to show a lady a good time. It was next door to the restaurant and I figured that it would be cool just to go check things out. Part of me is wishing that we hadn’t. I mean holy crap, who would have guessed that making things a lot smaller would make them so much more expensive. You would not expect a bed that is half the size of a regular one to cost twice as much, but they do! And don’t get me started on clothes. I’ll just say that I don’t spend that much to clothe myself, and leave it at that. They did have a massive selection though, and it was good to look at all of the different car seats, strollers, and other things. Hopefully we will be able to buy a lot of big ticket items used, but it is still handy to have a bit of a showroom to help us compare everything.

I was hoping that HGTV or DIY would have a cool show on for us to watch together, because the wife likes doing that and we haven’t in ages, but nothing looked too appealing. Maybe tonight.

My dad and I went and checked out some land for sale today, but none of the three properties were a good match. Two were extremely rocky and might not perk and certainly wouldn’t be good for growing anything. The third had a couple of easements on it that kind of wrecked the layout. Oh well, we’ll keep looking.