Go get you one – Pentax K-5.

I love affordable technology and from time to time I will talk about devices that I really enjoy. My “reviews” won’t be very detailed or technical, they’ll just highlight an item that I use regularly, and discuss the role it plays in my life. There will be some relevance to parenting, and once I start buying a bunch of baby related crap I will probably mention some of the cooler things that I use.

Okay, let me start by saying that I am much more faithful (100%) to my wife than I am to my electronic devices. Yes I know that just a couple of weeks ago I was singing the praises of my Canon Rebel, but I do actually have two other cameras. One of them is a Pentax K-5, a seven year old (320 in digital camera years) device that I have two lenses for. I bought it very cheap off an online forum, and have enjoyed using it as a secondary camera. It has a lot of really cool things going for it, and is actually a “nicer” camera than the Rebel, although the latter is a bit newer and therefore benefits from some more evolved technology. The K-5 was actually Pentax’s top of the line camera at the time it was released and so has many high end features.

The first thing you notice when holding the K-5 is its substantial build. This is a quality camera that was built to last and features weather sealing, a great feature for tough nature photographers that don’t let a little rain or snow keep them indoors. The camera is actually a bit tougher than I am. Another great feature is the built in intervalometer which is very handy for making time lapse videos.

The image quality is fantastic. The files look great on the computer screen and I will print a number of them soon.

Negatives? Well, the autofocus on both lenses is about as fast as a three-legged pregnant goat. And not at all effective in anything less than fairly bright light. I don’t like the menu and button layout as well as my Rebel, but that is probably a function of familiarity as much as anything.

So, if you want a durable, easy to use camera that takes great pictures, I highly recommend the K-5. One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is price. It cost a whopping $1600 when first released, but can now be found used for under $300. That’s a fantastic deal on a wonderful camera! Check your local Craigslist or one of the online forums for one.