Healthy Livin’ – Journaling.

Today I want to talk about another facet of health – the mental/emotional. Yes they are distinct, but in this case I’m lumping them together. That is because for me, journaling helps with both of them. I never journaled consistently until I traveled to India about eleven years ago. Then I went a year of writing daily, missing only about three days total, I believe. It really did help me keep my sanity during some pretty challenging times. In college I spent my summers in Belize and sporadically wrote, but was never at all consistent about it. 

I (somewhat) jokingly refer to journaling as my therapist. It is a way for me to work through and process my thoughts and emotions. I record my frustrations, joys, and everything in between. I try to present as balanced and realistic view as possible. I also try to record even the mundane day to day things that are easily forgotten.

I don’t have a particular time of day that I write, just whenever I feel like it. It can range from first thing in the morning to just before bed. Ironically enough, this blog has really cut into my journaling. I don’t go as deep emotionally here as I do when writing, but I am still recording a lot of thoughts and activities, and I guess it seems a bit redundant to write everything down on paper as well. I need to find a good balance though.

I’m not one who goes for fancy, expensive leather-bound journals or anything like that. In India I bought a bunch of simple, lined notebooks designed for school children that I really like. They are the prefect size and easy to write in. Unfortunately like many other things that I own, they are buried deep in my storage unit. A couple of weeks ago I finished up a notebook and have not written since. I need to just get a basic notebook from Walmart and deal with it. No need to let stubbornness keep me from recording my life. 

I have never read back through my old journals. I don’t know why, maybe I will make a point to soon. I have sometimes thought about what would happen to my journals if I die. There are definitely some rather intensely personal thoughts in there that I would prefer that people not read. But there are also things that maybe I would like others to see. I might try to type up a selection of my writings that people should read in the event I meet a premature demise.