Healthy Livin’ – MapMyHike (Android Application)

I am big into data and record keeping, and the MMH app is perfect for me. It keeps track all of my outdoor activities and records my route, distance, speed, duration, and much more. It is fun to look back on all the workouts I’ve done. It also calculates the calories I’ve burned (although I think it overestimates) and syncs up with the MyFitnessPal app. Like that app it is also produced by Under Armour and is free as well. I use it for walks, hikes, bike rides, and sometimes even drives. I really like using it to keep track of my bike rides on the Mountain Goat Trail in Monteagle. I am always trying to improve my times and this app makes it super easy to track my progress. It gives a per mile speed breakdown and also shows elevation. I know that most people have tons of apps cluttering up their phones, but for me this is a really handy one. It’s just fun! But maybe that is the geek within me talking. However I do feel like it pushes me to do more activities and push harder during them. Also like MyFitnessPal this app has a lot of social features that I don’t take advantage of, yet a lot of folks seem to enjoy.