Spreading the word.

A lot of people seem to devote considerable energy to coming up with unique ways to announce their pregnancy via social media. Some of them are actually pretty cute or clever. I don’t know if my wife will want to do something like that or not. I am guessing not, which is my preference. So far we have just told a handful of folks – immediate family members and close friends. Last week we called my wife’s younger brother and told him. The next evening we called her older brother and his family. Our nieces were pretty excited. My wife has told a few of her friends now, but I have not told anybody besides my parents and sister. I asked when I could tell more people and she said she would let me know. I’m not sure if I will ever post stuff about the pregnancy and kid on my personal Instagram account. I only have about 30 buddies on there and I haven’t posted in months, but it still feels odd to be so public. Besides extended family I only have about three more people to tell. I don’t have a wide social circle!