Pretty quiet times.

No breaking news today. Well, another pair of pants no longer fit, so that led to some tears this morning. But enough about me. Just kidding about the me part, although I can certainly relate. The wife went to the doctor’s yesterday from some blood work. There are some inconsistencies between the insurance company  and the doctor’s about what DNA testing is necessary and covered. Since she is “elderly” and therefore higher risk we thought that most tests would be covered. Apparently not.

It feels like we are in a bit of a lull as far as baby action. Waiting to see if it has a penis. Waiting to tell people. Waiting to test for genetic issues. I’m sure there is more stuff we could be doing to prepare but am not sure what exactly. We have been working on budgeting and making lists of baby related items we want. Still discussing a move out of the condo. We actually spent a lot of time discussing it last night, and it led to a bit of friction. It didn’t really get resolved. Maybe we will talk more about it tonight. Houses are selling incredibly quickly. We are looking a bit down in Columbia, and stuff there is not lasting long at all. I’m afraid we are going to be stuck in the condo forever!