Battling the Dad Bod – Monday Update 8/28/17

Well, it was another pretty rough week for the old Temple. I ate a bit of junk and way too much other stuff. I just felt super hungry all the time. I know that a lot of it is emotional – living in the condo depresses the hell out of me. But I need to get over it, because it’s hard to imagine us leaving anytime soon, since we haven’t been able to manage it in almost three years of marriage. I don’t know what kind of strategies to incorporate, but sheer willpower alone won’t cut it.

I did manage to complete the first week of Insanity Max 30 though. Technically at least; there are five days with an optional workout on Saturday. I declined that option. As I mentioned last Monday, there was an issue with our YMCA membership. It supposedly got sorted out on Wednesday, but I did the rest of my workouts for the week at the AG Center. The weather was beautiful, so why not. I’m embarrassed to say that I pretty much half-assed it all week. I got super sore from Monday’s workout which slowed me down, but besides that I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not sure if Max 30 is too intense and I need to do something a little easier or what the deal is. I just really need a structured workout program or I will dork around and get nothing done.

The scale was at the cottage this weekend, but I neither used it or brought it back to the condo. Ignorance is bliss I reckon.

I did Max 30 at the YMCA this morning (membership is back on track) and I tried to really push myself. It went well from a cardio standpoint, but I still lack upper body strength. Also the soles of my feet continue to hurt. I changed shoes, but the jumping around is still pretty rough. I will do some online research to find solutions. After the workout I tried to do a bit of stretching, then shot basketball for a few minutes.