And we don’t even get a senior discount.

So apparently the medical practice that my wife is using to have the baby has a special term for expectant mothers over the age of 35 – elderly. When told about this I sort of chuckled because it is a little absurd. Wrong reaction! She wasn’t telling me this because she was amused, but rather because she was pissed. I attempted to muster the appropriate level of outrage, but that didn’t really calm the storm. I’m not one who gets all caught up in semantics, but it does seem like a bad idea for them to label women with a term that means something pretty different (and with somewhat negative connotations) in almost every other context. Yes they are correct that relative to the average mother my 39 year old wife is elderly, but come on folks, we are dealing with enough emotional crap as it is! The last thing she needs is to feel judged or inferior because she is having a baby later than the typical woman.