Go get you one – Chromebookin’ It

I love affordable technology and from time to time I will talk about devices that I really enjoy. My “reviews” won’t be very detailed or technical, they’ll just highlight an item that I use regularly, and discuss the role it plays in my life. There will be some relevance to parenting, and once I start buying a bunch of baby related crap I will probably mention some of the cooler things that I use.

What is black, compact, and doesn’t respond well to being stepped on? No silly, it’s not a roach, it’s my Chromebook! The Lenovo N22 to be exact. I love this handy little machine. It is easy to carry around and the battery lasts all day. It’s what I’m typing this post on right now. Chromebooks originally had a reputation as slow all the time and useless without an internet connection. Yes, they are pokey if you overload them, but when using a reasonable number of tabs mine works great. As to working offline, you can use all of the Google office apps and several image editors without the internet. I use Piconion for all of my photo stuff for the blog, and am happy with it. Also, I would never expect a Chromebook to fully replace a Windows machine for most people. I keep my old Dell with Windows 7 around in order to run specialized programs that will likely never be available for a Chromebook. But the Lenovo has lightened its load considerably, while making it easier for me to do the simple tasks that take up most of my computing time. And the price can’t be beat – $120 out the door. One more thing I should mention, this thing is great for watching videos, and I use it for Insanity. One complaint though – it doesn’t play nice with my USB powered external monitor for some reason. Not the end of the world, but I do like having two screens.