Getting Adjusted

It seems that not everybody was as relaxed and reassured about yesterday’s doctor visit as I was. We spent quite a long time on the couch last night talking everything through. There were more tears. Lots of them.

For me things definitely got real when I saw that tiny baby on the screen. I obviously knew and believed that my wife was pregnant, but wow, seeing the baby moving around on the screen, and its beating heart, was just incredible. The fancy machine said that the baby was nine weeks old and 2cm long. Crazy! For my wife the experience was equally exciting but rather more invasive, since the camera in this case was phallic in design and went in where the baby will come out. Yikes!

It was just an intense and emotional evening as we talked through the coming months. She is freaking out and I am pretty calm. I think that sometimes my laid back nature helps calm her, and at other times it pisses her off. Tonight will be interesting I’m sure.