What’s up Doc?

Well, we spent about two and a half hours at the doctor’s office this morning. I feel like it went pretty well overall. The big thing is that mother and baby both seem to be healthy. We spent a lot of time going over the basics and what to expect going forward. The doctor was pretty nice, though she was not very enthusiastic about the supplements and other natural medicine. The whole operation was impressive and I feel like they will do a good job.

The good: The picture above is certainly worth a thousand words. We could see the beating heart. The doctor confirmed that the wife is really on the right track with everything she is doing. I feel good about the professionalism provided. We got a new due date – March 25. The baby is two centimeters long at this point. They gave us a book and other materials to help guide us. Also, now there is just a 5% chance of miscarriage going forward.

The bad: There ended up being a lot of tears. It seems that the eating disorder is going to have more of an effect on things than I had previously thought. She needs to eat about 2200 calories a day to provide for her and the baby. This might be a challenge. Tracking her intake is a trigger, so no food diary, but I will do my best to keep an eye on things. The doctor also mentioned that breastfeeding might be tough since it involves as much eating, if not more, than pregnancy. The wife wants to breastfeed though, so we will see what happens there. The doctor also inadvertently triggered the waterworks when she mentioned this being a higher risk pregnancy for the baby and mother due to my wife’s age (39). I feel like she is super stressed and anxious right now, and I’m not sure how to calm her down. Probably nothing will since she seems to be wired for anxiety.

The delayed: Still a few weeks from knowing the gender. Next week they will do tests to see if the baby has any major health issues. There is nothing that we can do to treat anything, but it will be nice to know what we are potentially dealing with. Hoping that everything goes great, but you never know, and it will be nice to be prepared.