The Re-belly-on has begun!

It’s really un-belly-viable! (Okay, I’ll stop now). My wife has been saying that she can no longer button her jeans for a couple of weeks now. I myself haven’t noticed a weight gain, and told her that. Well, my perspective changed last night. She was wearing yoga pants and a tank top, and maybe I just caught the right angle, but wow! No questioning that there’s a baby in there! So far she has only gained weight around her midsection, and my mother thinks that will really be the only place that she does. She is very petite, and five extra pounds or so is much more noticeable than it would be on me. Telling her this perked her up a little. 

On a semi-related note, she has always judged me for eating anywhere but the dining room table. Sitting on the couch or walking around while munching always triggered glares of disapproval. Well, imagine my shock to climb into bed a couple of nights ago and feel the unique sensory experience of crushing a Rice Chex. Yes, she is eating in bed. Yes, she was embarrassed about it.